Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Fun

Ok, Ok...I know the ski/snowboard picture doesn't relate to quilting, but it does relate to my other favorite hobby, spending time with family.  GDaughter Megan attended Snowboard camp over the Christmas holiday.  She is the one standing closest to me.  Her twin, Marisa, and brother Mason are also hamming it up.  GrandDaddy was taking the picture.  We all had fun going to the slopes several times, and we all progressed on our skill levels.   I promise to post a quilt related picture of me soon, but I just got tired of looking at Willie and Me in my jammies.  I hope Nicole will help me get a few worthy pictures next month that I can change up for my posts.

Today I have Quilters by the Lake meeting (every Monday from 1-5).  I love this friendship group, and I get so much done concentrating on a project and not worrying about phone and other household stuff.  I am working on a blue quilt for my MIL and have made significant progress since purchasing fabric at Christmas time.  I will be sewing rows together today, maybe adding the borders.  I will post a progress picture when I get a chance.  I may use Nicole's double piped binding method, as I want to bring some hot pink back into the frame.  You can find the tutorial for that at Aunti Nicole's Corner blog, there's a link on my home page.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year is in the Bag!

The Shasta Lily Quilt Guild met yesterday, and I led a workshop to make an easy/peasy Fat Quarter Bag.  We were all so glad to see each other, it's amazing we got anything done for the chatter in the room.  I think fun was had by all, and most of us came away if not finished, with at least the confidence to complete the project.  There were some dynamite combinations.  It also looks great with the lining turned out to make the handle casings.  Delores was working on her third bag, and hers was a Monet Beauty, with piecing AND pockets.  Excellent work, all of you!

The Shasta Guild now has a website too, it's great!  No more searching thru my messy desk for the last newsletter to tell me where to go or what I need when I get there!  Thanks, Wendy!  My friends can go to to check it out.  The Guild is off and running in 2011, we have such great plans!

For all my followers (all 8 of you) I promise to post to my blog more often this year, now that I can remember how to log in.