Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pears, Bananas, and UFOs

I can't seem to get motivated to finish my current UFOs, but our guild has a challenge going, maybe that will help.  I have even been procrastinating about making up the list of projects.  It's probably too long for comfort.  Instead, I seem to start new stuff.  But at least I finished something.

I tore apart my old, well used and stained mixer cover this weekend and made a sparkly new one.  I had this fabric in my stash, bought to make curtains for my kitchen, thinking it was a great combo for my counter tops.  It makes a better mixer cover, I am so glad I didn't make those curtains up.  It's even reversable, with the batik of the pocket as the inside.  Gee,  I have banana fabric, too.  Maybe I will make that up and it will be my summer cover.  But then, I would have to change it back to pears when Pete and Nicole visit, as he is allergic to bananas (lol).  Hmmm, maybe I will make reversible curtains, pears backed with bananas, to suit my mood and my houseguests.

I have a bed sized quilt to finish up to send as a gift, and I need to do it soon for my MIL who needs cheering up.  I am going to try the basting method that Aunti Nicole sent me a link to the UTube video, with two boards to keep the top and back straight.  I will let you know how I like that method.

Happy quilting!


  1. Hey I love the cover! The colors are great. I love the pic of you and linda too! Give her my love.

  2. So, I am just NOW finding your blog... just bumped into it. I love it. Great picture of you and your friend "in nature." Onward with your UFO's!!! I like the idea of reversible curtains that you can switch for your mood (and/or your guests). Your awesome sense of humor comes through well in your blog. Love to you and yours.