Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Blocks - Woo Hoo!

Seven Birthday blocks arrived in the mail this week!  They are pictured here.  My EZQuilter friends in Southern California are doing a birthday block exchange for each birthday girl in her month.  The blocks are maker's choice, finishing to 8" and we will all finish our own quilts.  Since there are 18 of us, there may be more than one due in a month.  May is for Peggi and Jane.  I finished the rest of mine today (June-Feb), they will be in the mail to Nicole to hand out as the months come.   I can't wait for the rest of mine to arrive to put together the quilt for 2010.

Thank you to Lori, Sandra, Mardell, Jamie, Helen, Mickey and Nicole.  They are wonderful!  The two Churn Dash blocks are ones that I made and decided not to pass along, I have rescaled the block and the next ones the EZQuilters will be seeing are a little different.  For Lori, Donna, Melinda and Peggi, and the blocks I have already given, I can make you new ones if you like.  Just send yours back to me and I will re-do them. I will use the ones you send back in my quilt, or re-do each block at the better scale.  Today, I officially have one more UFO off my list for the year.  Double Woo Hoo!

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  1. They look great together! Can't wait to see he finished product. I'll look out for my squishy package. ;]