Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Get To It List

I might as well own up to it, I have ASODD (adult-shiny-object-distraction-disorder) too, must be where Nicole got it. I have a hard time working on just one thing at a time. I am always preaching “just do it” to friends and family when they have a hard time working thru a task. It’s time I practice what I preach, and since I know I do better with deadlines, or accountability, here is a current list of ACTIVE works in progress, which I would like to finish this month and what’s left to do on the project.

  • Pillowcases for my new set of sheets (cut, sew)
  • Quail Hill quilt (machine quilt)
  • Linus Project Kite quilt (finish top, machine quilt)
  • Baby sweater (knit one more sleeve, hood, lapels)
  • Slice of Life art project (not sure what’s left, I’m learning)

I have other projects in the works which are too many to list, but I will add them to my Just Get To It list as soon as some progress is made. As these are finished up, I will post pix and post a new list next month. Wish me luck!

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