Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bloggen Fargenugen, Oy!

This blog thing is a whole new experience.  You can get trapped on the computer for hours just looking at the choices in design and not make any changes.  For my faithful followers (all 3 of you), please bear with me and this learning experience.  Do you like the purple background?  Did it stick?  That's the extent of my online creativity for today.  Thank you to Nicole (check out her blog, see link on my page) for creating a whole new hole to throw my time into (smile).  I'm off to a quilt show meeting this morning.  Shasta Lily Quilt Show, Sept 4, 5, 2010.  Any vendors out there interested in a spot?


  1. The purple looks like a faint violet, almost white, on my end. Hmmm... But, I do look forward to watching you (two) blossom with your blog(s).

  2. Blossoming Bloggers, say that 5 times fast. Mom its good for you, or so I've been told! It is lightly lavender on my end. Love you!