Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Ol' Art Quilter Me, Really?

This is the art project in which I am currently participating.  It's a reproduction of a photograph by Jeremy Franklin of the Sprague River (OR).  There are 7 panels, each done by a different person.  Mine is the fourth from the left, there are two "slices" missing from our 5/8/10 get together.  This is a mixed media type of project and anything goes.  It is amazing how well they are fitting together.  We turn them in for binding in August, and the project will circulate for 2 years to shows and galleries, etc.  This work is a stretch for me, Yoga for the mind, I guess, so it's a good thing.


  1. Love the water with the reflection of the trees. Wilie says it looks like feathurths. Now I see what meant about all the branches you were making. Love Me

  2. Janie, your quilts are a "show-stopper". I am so impressed with your talent as well as Nicole's. You have given me a little incentive to work harder at my quilting. Thank you for sharing this blog. Phyllis